Sunday, March 23, 2014

Severed But Not Forgotten

Today my heart is breaking for someone who used to be very special to me.  She was a mother of two amazing children.  They were all very active in their church and their commitment to one another and to Christ was always inspiring. For a variety of reasons I am unable to reach out to the family to extend my thoughts and prayers.  It is a relationship that was severed many years ago and any hope of reconciliation is gone.  It is a sad situation.  I have always valued my past experiences and the people in my life and it is hard when a wall appears so high that you cannot see over it or hear through it.  

Do you have severed relationships that are beyond repair?  I am confident that many of us do.  For some, we only think it is forever broken - but there are those that are truly severed and will never be repaired.  Do you continue to pray for them?  Do you think of them in a positive light?

I'm being honest in that I'm not sure HOW I do it, but I've never been one to hold a grudge against someone.  I am quick to forgive but, yes, not so quick to forget.  The thoughts are always there but they end with a prayer for well-being, peace and Grace.

Today I think of this lady with admiration in my heart.  I think of her family and I pray that my thoughts will join with hundreds of others in offering them comfort during this time of grief.

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