Friday, April 20, 2012

His Grace

I'm sitting in my car outside of a psychiatric hospital waiting a little while before I go in to make a pastoral call on a client. The temperature today is somewhat chilly, almost depressing which may be appropriate for the place that I am at today. I'm sitting under some pine trees with the car windows rolled down listening to the wind whistle through the pine needles. It is still my favorite sound.

The hospital is over 100 years old and it's grandiose building sits on a beautiful wooded lot. I find myself thinking about what it must've been like to walk these grounds 100 years ago when, for the most part, people were put here against their will. The times have changed dramatically since then in fact I'm not writing this with pen and paper nor am I sitting at a keyboard but I am dictating into my phone. Surely my grandfather would be very impressed with this technology.

There is a popular saying that says "the will of God will never lead you where his grace cannot sustain you". I find some comfort and strength in that popular saying but it does omit a very important element. Although God's grace is definitely enough to sustain you, without you willing to stay - it becomes pointless. How frustrating it must be for our father in heaven whose will it is to keep us in a particular place for awhile only to have us fight back.

I think back on the early part of the 20th century when people were no doubt brought to this place kicking and screaming in protest.  It was a place of rest but for some it was the last stop.  Now things are different and thanks to insurance a stay is typically 3 - 5 days, depending on the issues of course.  The new building and addition is beautiful and will no doubt bring around the 200th anniversary of this place of healing.

When the Spirit leads us to a particular place during our lifetime his grace is sufficient to keep us there if and only if our minds and hearts are open to hearing and obeying the will of God. When we walk knowingly and willingly where the Lord wants us to be it is then and only then that we can stop long enough to hear his whisper. It is only when our will bends and meets God's will that his grace becomes apparent to us and able to truly sustain us where ever that place in life maybe.

Listening and submitting to God's will is always the first step in success.

Wherever you may be today on your life journey consider that, no matter how bright or how dark it may be right now, that you are in the will of God and His grace WILL sustain you.

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