Friday, January 6, 2012


I’m sitting in my car waiting for someone to come out from an appointment.  The temperature sits right around freezing and the sun is glaring down on me.  The ground is frozen and patches of grass are sticking up through the light dusting of snow.  A few birds brave the wind in search of food.  It appears they are finding plenty of that just in front of my car.  The occasional human walks past but the birds go undisturbed for the most part.  I’m caught up in the rays of the sun and am hungry for the warmth of it on my skin.  The cold air bites too hard for the heat of the sun to get to me.  It’s unfair.  The sky is a brilliant blue, dotted with gorgeous white fluffy clouds – the perfect summertime sky in the midst of freezing temperatures and snow. 

As I stare out the window of the car I find myself almost mesmerized by the leave-less trees. They stand as tall as always but don’t seem to be so majestic in all their nakedness.  They aren’t ashamed, of course, but they just stand there patiently waiting for the spring.  The seasonal death will yield a season of new birth for them and their neighboring plants and other vegetation.

Ahhh…new birth.  Christ talked about it and absolutely perplexed many.  He talked about a man being reborn, experiencing new birth.  Of course he did not mean for a man to literally go through the birth waters but for man to experience a rebirth…a birth by and through the waters of the Holy Spirit.  Much like the seasons of the year we each experience seasons of our lives.  Although it is typically reserved for the elderly, it could be said that each of us, no matter what age, experience autumn months of our lives (as well as winter, spring and summer). 

What time of year is it for you?  For me I feel spring is just about to hit.  I feel an urge to stretch my hands upward and outward a little further and begin to feel the thawing of my hardened heart and mind, which has been slowed by the wintering of my soul.  I see people I know in the autumn months, beginning to die off, yielding to the inevitable cold, frozen months to come.  Slowing withdrawing in to themselves and their vices.  Struggling against a win-less battle to stay strong and upright.  It just doesn’t work for them although the desire is there.  Some are experiencing the winter months – a time of deep hibernation, a lack of spiritual and emotional growth, a sleepy, coma-like existence where one just lives to get through the day.

We all go through different seasons and what is important for us to grasp is that we all go through them and it is ok no matter which season you are in.  There is a reason for that season.  There is much that happens beyond our eyes during winter.  There is growth and renewal in spring and times of abundance in summer.  What I’m trying to say is pretty simple – no matter where you are in your life right now the Creator has designed this particular time and space just for you.  Your journey will take you in and out of all the seasons throughout your life.  You don’t simply arrive, finally, at the joy-filled summertime and stay there the rest of your days.  No matter what season/weather is happening along your journey today, you are here because it is important for you to be here right now.  You may be experiencing abundant joy and freedom of summer soul-weather, or the cold bitterness brought on by depression, anger and frustration found in winter soul-weather.  Perhaps you are seeking renewal and experiencing a rebirth of your interests, loves and life found in spring soul-weather. 

Rejoice in your current soul-weather condition.  Find solace in the fact that you are not alone, you are being cared for, you are being loved.  The seasons change and each one is meant to equip you for the next.  You are growing and changing just as quickly as the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Insightful and inspiring. thanks for the shot of spiritual strength.